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Through years of experience and thanks to the beneficial, versatile effects of mare’s milk, both as milk and in cosmetics, many customers have shared their experiences with us.

For years I was “addicted” to lip balm, I tried so many different ones. Now I am happy that I finally found a lip balm without any addictive substances. After the first application I already felt a difference.

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I apply UNICORNIS healing ointment to my face every day, it’s great for rosacea. Thank you!

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I am happy to have discovered the Mare’s Milk Body Lotion. I suffer from dry skin and only this lotion helps me.

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Thanks to the herbal gel, I can move pain free again. My joint pain in my knees and hips have disappeared.

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I use mare’s milk for hay fever and all kinds of allergies, it works great!

Thank you very much!

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My dog gets one capsule a day in his food, since then his diarrhoea is gone, and the watery eyes are also better. Highly recommended!

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I have cancer and take the mare’s milk to strengthen my immune system. I have noticed that since then my blood results have remained stable. I am very grateful for this.

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ASNS Foot Powder – smelly feet GONE. 🙂 After only four days the unpleasant smell of my feet was gone. Simply superb!

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I highly recommend mare’s milk for menopausal symptoms. It was great for relieving my hot flushes and heavy sweating. A new attitude to life. Thank you very much.

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After a hand bath in EM followed by only two applications of Unicorn ointment my chapped fingers and feet were healed.

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I am very grateful for the effect of mare’s milk. For years I have suffered from chronic gastritis and have taken strong medication accordingly. I have been taking mare’s milk capsules regularly for months and my symptoms improved quickly. I have no more pain and can only recommend it.

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I am very happy with the mare’s milk shampoo, the itching on my head has finally disappeared. When I used another shampoo psoriasis-like spots were immediately visible again. Now I only care for my hair and scalp with the organic mare’s milk shampoo.

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Mare’s milk heals the intestines and psoriasis disappears. I drink the milk and only clean myself with the mare’s milk shower gel. At first, I had an aggravation but then my psoriasis went away.

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I tried several different milk powders for my baby, nothing worked so I gave her mare’s milk. After the first bottle she was already calmer and replete. She finally stopped crying and had no more cramps.

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Thanks to the mare’s milk capsules, my asthma has improved a lot. When needed, I also smell the herbal gel, which allows for better breathing. Simply great.

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My grandson has suffered from an allergy to cow’s milk since the age of one and he has been drinking mare’s milk for 5 months now and I have to say that the eczema is already getting less. It really works!

I drink mare’s milk to keep my skin healthy and to promote a healthy digestion.

It simply takes care of my well-being and general health.



Jost Marita
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I had started drinking the mare’s milk during a quite stressful phase in my life. It really helped me. And then I just kept going to support and maintain my overall wellbeing.

For me, mare’s milk is an excellent natural medicine/supplement.



Egon Linkweiler
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Hello dear mare yard team,
Hello Tanja,

We are a family of seven with five children aged between 4 and 13 years old. For us, Unicorn ointment is a cure for all scrapes, bumps, bruises and all other injuries. It makes wounds heal faster, prevents wound infections and even has a soothing and pain-relieving effect on burns.

We use it on hands, arms, legs, feet, even on the face. We adults use the herbal gel for tension and muscle pain.

We also use the body lotion, which makes the skin smooth and smelling good.

I have been drinking the pure mare’s milk for 1 ½ year now as I suffer from a circulatory disorder (algoneurodistrophy) and the milk has calmed my stomach ulcer.

For us, the mare’s milk products are a natural and well-tolerated remedy for many aches and pains.


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My experience with mare’s milk

A little over a year ago I was hit by a car and thrown 26 metres through the air. As a result of this accident, I suffered a small comminuted fracture to my right lower jaw, a fracture to my right shoulder blade, a double fracture to my right elbow and fibula, a severe comminuted fracture to my right tibia and a piece of bone broke off my inner ankle.

At first, my healing was exemplary. The callus formation (formation of the new bone) started early and everything looked very good.

After 9 months, however, my doctor told me that he was no longer satisfied with the healing process of my tibia. However, we need to wait at least a year after the accident to see if I required another operation.

When I spoke to an acquaintance about my healing progress, she asked me if I had ever tried mare’s milk. She said that mare’s milk is very healthy and helps with illnesses such as neurodermatitis, gastro-intestinal problems and much more. Maybe mare’s milk would also be good for my bones.

At first, I was a little sceptical, because everyone told me that mare’s milk had a very special taste and was difficult to drink. In the end I decided to try it anyway as it could only help me and if it did not it wouldn’t do any harm.

So, I started drinking mare’s milk, a 250 ml bottle a day. And I was disappointed, because the taste was not as bad as I was told it would be… In any case, after just a few days I felt less pain.

As time went by, I noticed improvements, I started walking more and more without crutches and my limp lessened as the pain decreased.

However, if I forget to drink the mare’s milk for a few days the pain increased and my limp returned, and I used my crutches more often.

I am also no longer as sensitive to the weather, in the beginning I experienced a lot of pain when the weather got worse and since drinking the mare’s milk, I feel little to no difference between good and bad weather.

Even my surgeon told me to keep drinking the mare’s milk because it has been proven to be good for the bones.

It is now over a year since the accident, my tibia has not yet grown together again but according to the doctors there still is a very good chance that it will heal on its own.

Since the mare’s milk has taken away a large part of the pain, it was definitely worth drinking it.

Another positive side effect is that I barely experience intestinal problems. Before I suffered from regular intestinal inflammations.


Marion Mollers
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What is so good for me about mare’s milk: after another long winter, I did a mare’s milk course of treatment. I was already impressed the first time, but it was only the second time that I really paid close attention to how/where I was actually feeling better.

I suffer from stomach and digestion problems (a sign of our fast-moving lives) and my energy and drive depend largely on my digestive well-being, I was pleased to notice an improvement in my digestion and subsequently my energy level rose dramatically.

But what I also noticed was the coming and going of Eczema at the hairline and eyebrows. Unfortunately, I stopped the intake of mare’s milk for a few days (poor organisation on my part) and noticed that the eczema was back! After a few days of drinking mare’s milk again it slowly but surely went away again! I think it is a matter of a few weeks for it to completely go away.

By the way, for those of you who contort your face at the word mare’s milk, I find it very tasty – quite light and refreshing. My body never craved cow’s milk, and I found that I digested it very badly. So, Mare’s milk is a real blessing for me. You can also drink it very well with cocoa powder.

Anny Jansen, Brüssel
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I do a course of treatment with mare’s milk in autumn and spring. During this time, I do not feel tired and groggy as quickly as usual. It is a blessing for my stomach and intestines and in spring it helps me with my pollen allergy. From my point of view, I can only recommend drinking mare’s milk to everyone.

Gerd Jouck, Hünnigen-Büllingen

Due to years of medication for my cancer, my immune system was extremely weakened. After drinking the mare’s milk for some time, my intestinal problems reduced, and my digestion improved. I was very surprised at how much the mare’s milk helped me and I can only recommend the consumption of this special milk.

Many thanks to Tanja Kessler for the great advice.

Klinkers Josef

I suffered from acne on my face and neck for years and felt very ashamed of it. I always felt looked at and ridiculed by those around me. Mare’s milk has improved my quality of life a lot as it works from the inside. Externally, I use the acne cream and the herbal tonic to cleanse my face.


My husband has psoriasis and the mare’s milk makes his life easier! He particularly had bad patches on his arms, legs, scalp and lower back. The areas itched and hurt because his skin was very dry and sometimes even chapped.

As mare’s milk contains natural anti-inflammatories, the itching subsided as the dry and chapped skin healed.

Mare’s milk has a nourishing and healing effect on the skin, inside and out.

For me, mare’s milk has been particularly helpful with my intestinal problems and has brought relief, which is particularly important to me.

I can drink the milk when and where I want, as it is available in powder form and I am therefore not dependent on frozen storage.

Anja Schumacher

As a baby our son Jéròme had severe signs of neurodermatitis. We gave him mare’s milk to drink and after a few months, he showed a clear improvement. Specifically, a complete healing.

He is now four years old and small pimples appeared again on his hands, so we started giving him mare’s milk again. Within a fortnight there was nothing more to be seen.

Schneider Elmar, Honsfeld
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