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Being a farmer is not a job, it’s a task. Farmers think in generations.

Our history

In March 2008 we set out to realise a long-cherished dream – milking our Haflinger mares. Since then, the experiences of our customers have given us a lot of knowledge about the effect of this white gold. Step by step we are transforming our idyllically situated farm into a little paradise for our Haflingers. Playpens and large boxes with paddocks provide our horses with the necessary exercise.

All our mares are registered in the main stud book and in the Rhenish stud book of Schloss Wickrath (Mönchengladbach).

Our stallion Aleskay is kept on the trot by the ladies in the stable.

All our horses are chipped and have an equine passport.

Milk is filtered and flash frozen

Milk samples are controlled

Milk dishes are disinfected

Quality control

The milk is filtered after milking and immediately filled into 250 ml bottles. It is then cooled down as quickly as possible and shock frozen.  To ensure that the milk keeps its effects, it is neither heated nor sterilised. This is how it is delivered to your home.

Hygiene is our top priority.

As our mare’s milk is organic, samples are taken regularly by the recognised laboratory “Comitè du Lait” in Battice.

After each milking all utensils are cleaned and disinfected.

This results in relatively high operating and labour costs for obtaining the mare’s milk.

From when is the mare milked?

As soon as the foal is six weeks old, we slowly separate the foal from the mare during the day. It spends the time in a so-called kindergarten with its peers, where it can run around as much as it likes.

The mare is milked three times a day at 3 hours intervals, for example 12, 15 and 18 o’clock. The milking is done mechanically with the use of a goat milking machine. After the last milking, the foal returns to the mare.

People often ask if there is any milk left for the foal. The answer is indeed very satisfying for the foal: “oh yes very much”. Because the mare only gives between 0,5 and 1 litre per milking, the rest remains for the foal.

Quality meat

Quality fresh meat from Charolais cattle reared in a natural and organic way.

We offer Charolais meat from our own breeding for sale. Species appropriate animal husbandry is particularly important to us in the rearing process, which is why we completely forego the addition of medication.

Our calves and cattle are not separated from their mothers and are fed exclusively on their mother’s milk and grass.

The meat can be ordered in advance.

The animal is weighed after slaughter, the calculations of costs are made after weighing the carcass in kg.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to call (+32 (0)479 38 39 73) or email us:

Up close and personal - guided tours on the farm

We show you our organic farm up close!

You will experience how our mares are milked and fed.

You can stroke the foals and taste the fresh mare’s milk!

You will discover life on the farm, observe the animals (goats, pigs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, dogs, calves, horses) and explore the stables.

Those who like may also test and buy our range of cosmetic products.

Cost per visit:

  • Individual visitor: 5€
  • Groups of 10 people or more: 4€ per person

Our puppies

The curly beauty is an intelligent, loyal and courageous family dog.

Four different varieties are bred today: the Toy Poodle (25 to 29 cm) the Miniature Poodle (28 to 34 cm), the Small Poodle (35 to 44 cm) and the Large/King Poodle (45 to 62 cm).

Officially, the dog breed is bred in the five color combinations black, brown, white, gray and apricot. Also widespread are bicolored animals, such as the black and white Harlequin or the black and brown Black-Tan.

The woolly coat of the breed is soft and finely crimped and grows back constantly without falling out. For this reason, the Poodle must be clipped regularly.

The Poodle is a lively and playful breed that adapts well to all situations. It is also extremely intelligent and can be trained with great pleasure, which makes it a good beginner dog. The loyal dog prefers to stay close to his two-legged friends and needs a direct family connection. The sensitive animal is very attentive and immediately recognizes when his owner is not feeling well. He loves to cuddle and likes to provide peace and inner balance for his master or mistress.

With a life expectancy of 12 to 17 years, the Poodle is one of the long-lived dogs.

Once a Poodle always a Poodle:-)

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Stutenmilch Hof Kessler - Tanja Kessler

Stutenmilch Hof Kessler - Tanja Kessler

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Marme - Hof & Laden

Marme - Hof & Laden

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Delhaize Eupen

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