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Here you can read about the experiences of others with horsemilk and you may find out whether horsemilk can also be the solution for your complaints.

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Since horsemilk contains many vitamins and minerals, it is a very good source of energy and is therefore suitable for use when tired and listless.

There is no limit how long you can take it, you can drink horsemilk for a lifetime. It should also be noted that it may only be heated up to a maximum of 30° Celsius.

By people with eczema, intestinal disorders or psoriasis is this reaction often occurs (which lasts for one to two days) and means that the horsemilk has an initial effect.

It is thus a confirmation of the product’s effectiveness and shows that the horsemilk drives the toxins out of the body.

Horsemilk has excellent chances of recovery from a disturbed intestinal flora and / or a weak immune system.

Since most complaints have their origin exactly there, the diverse uses of horsemilk can be explained. The disturbed intestinal flora can make itself felt in many ways, rash, allergies, intolerance, … The same applies to a weak immune system, tiredness, sluggishness, constantly sick.

Yes! Conventional products such as ointments, cortisone, … only treat the visible problem but not the cause.

When stopping these products, there is usually a relapse because the problem has not been cured. Horsemilk, on the other hand, treats the root cause.

There is no age restriction when taking horsemilk. It can be taken from birth.

If you have a cowmilk allergy (lactose intolerance), horsemilk is a very good alternative because it has a different lactose and contains many important ingredients.

Yes, you can take it for as long as you want as it is a food and not a medicine.

As a rule, the horsemilk is tolerated even then.

Because mostly it is the long-chain and difficult to digest proteins in cowmilk that people are allergic to.

In contrast, horsemilk contains short-chain proteins, which are usually better tolerated.

The time of day to take doesn’t matter. However, the recommended amount should be taken all at once, not spread over the day and if possible, always at around the same time.

It should always be stored in a cool and dark place, whether in the refrigerator or freezer.

No, the effect is the same. Freeze-drying preserves all vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients.

The horsemilk consists of more than 90% water, with freeze-drying the milk is frozen and processed under vacuum.

The powder is then without water, it saves space and is easier to take with you.

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