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Unicorn wound ointment


As the basis of our purely natural skin products, we present our Unicorn, an ointment that no household should be without. Made from mare’s milk, arnica, marigold and many more natural ingredients, it is very versatile. The ointment can be used on wounds, (also for animals) burns, mosquito bites, chapped skin, irritated children’s bottoms, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne, haemorrhoids and as a lip balm.

Direction of use: the ointment is applied thinly several times a day as needed and rubbed in well.

For more serious wounds and injuries it can also be used in combination with EM (see online shop).

Direction of use: bathe for 5-10 minutes or spray the wound with EM, let it dry and then apply the Unicorn cream.

If you have an injured horse or other animal, please contact me. I can prepare a freshly made paste out of the UNICORN cream which closes the smallest or biggest wounds in a few days.

The advantage of the specially made Unicorn Paste compared to the Unicorn Cream is that it adheres particularly well to wounds and forms a natural plaster. This makes it especially easy to care for animals, even if the injury is in more complicated places. Wounds of any kind heal quickly and provide beautiful scarring.

Suitable for humans and animals.

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